What is this?

The Curiosity Project is an effort to bridge the very unique gap between print and digital media. By combining QR codes, a blog, hand making and pure curiosity we hope to restructure the way we interact with both print and digital media. 

Each day our one post will be edited. There will be no archive. A post will only be live for 24 hours. Scan posters of handmade QR codes around NYC daily for your inspiring/funny/weird/cool image, video, quote, song, etc. After the post is gone, its gone - well digitally that is. We will create a poster series that is perforated into postcards showing the images from each two week theme. If you miss a day, you'll be able to see it as a part of a bigger system of similarly themed images within the poster, but never again as a stand alone post.

We are interested in playing with the traditional boundaries between print vs digital media and high technology vs analog methods. The blog starts digital, goes even more digital with a QR code, then bounces down to a super analog method of creating the code by hand. The codes are printed and hung around the city as posters & stickers. These are scanned digitally using apps, connecting the reader for daily blog visits. After each day, the post is removed and a new one takes its place. Every two weeks, a poster of perforated postcards is created to show the aggregation of themed imagery and spread the project again in a super analog fashion - snail mail!

This might seem a bit complicated, but all it takes on your part is visiting the blog via your nearest QR code poster. We just want to share some fun daily inspiration in a way that blends various types of media. If you haven't seen one of our posters yet around the city, let us know and we'll try to get one up in your area!