The Who

The idea behind The Curiosity Project comes from Lauren Manning and Camile Wei-Hsin Lin in the Pratt Institute Communications Design Graduate Program. We serve as the concept creators, crazy QR code makers, daily inspiration finders and print/digital in-betweeners :)

Lauren has documented every day of her life for two years. She’s got ongoing love affairs with contemporary architecture, craft beer, jalapenos and skinny jeans. She has seen every episode of Friends multiple times and is known to relate real life to moments in the show. She has a mannequin named Brigitte in her apartment and her microwaving skills are second only to her mad design skills.

Camile is studying overseas from Taiwan. She has poor English skills but is enjoying her new life in New York City. She loves drawing, photography, daydreaming, visiting museums and places that she has never been. Recently she has become obsessed with collecting McDonald's kid's meal toys.

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