Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Be Passionate about Peeps?

These are photos from the Washington Post Peeps Diorama competition. Each year Peeps and crafting enthusiasts submit dioramas using the Peeps as the main character. Last years winner was "Eep" based off of Pixars "Up."

This year's deadline just passed, meaning there will be a new batch of dioramas coming soon!

Themes for theses dioramas covers a tremendous range, from a giant snow ball fight in downtown DC to hundreds of inmates doing Thriller in the prison yard, to scenes from movies and just general comments on culture.

See all of 2010's winners here with videos of the top five finalists here. Also look carefully at 2010's winners - #23 just so happens to be my entry (also see it below - Mardi Peeps :) ) Peep Show III in 2009's winners are here, 2008's here and the original Peep Show of 2007 here.

Here's the rules - start planning for next year? :)

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