Thursday, March 24, 2011

Be Passionate - with the details

Brilliant video concept and execution by Hollerado. I love the idea of humans creating the basic pixels of the video and just think how long it must have taken to get all this choreographed. The whole video is a single continuous shot. While shooting the video, Americanarama was slowed down by 400% in order to give the 24 stage hands enough time to complete all of the sequences, meaning Hollerado performed their song four times slower than its normal rate, taking thirteen minutes to complete the entire video in one take.

This video reminds me of another project I've seen that uses a similar but more advanced idea. In August 2010, The Standard Hotel in NYC was taken over by an installation, funded by Target, and created by Mother NY & LEGS. The (in)famously clear glass floor-to-ceiling windows of the hotel reveal an extremely complex light show with dancers in the rooms as well.

For a longer version showing the whole show, watch this video.

Thanks to Eric for showing me the music video & more info on the video found here.

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