Saturday, April 2, 2011

Be passionate about Legos

The Curiosity Project brings you Legos today. Yeah, you know what Legos are...we know. But these projects push the limits of craziness with creative uses of these beloved building blocks.

Above, a video by rymdreglage called 8 Bit Trip combines Legos with one of my favorite things ever - stop motion. It will blow you away! It took 1500 hours to make which makes perfect sense - this is insane!

Below is the Munchausen Lego Kitchen - an IKEA counter covered in Legos by two Paris designers. This makes me want to cover something in my apartment with Legos.

Lego has recently released famous architecture buildings in lego form including Falling Water by Frank Lloyd Wright (seen below) as well as the Guggeheim Museum in NYC also by Frank Lloyd Wright, and the Farnsworth House. They also have a landmark building series that includes favorites like the Empire State building, the Willis (Sears) Tower, the Hancock Tower, and the White House. If they weren't quite so expensive, I'd have one of these for sure.

Next up is the DispatchWork, an international project to patch up cities with Legos. Not sure what the ultimate goal is other than smiles and awesomeness, but I know I'd sure love to see one of these around NYC

Still want more Lego fun? Here's contemporary skyscrapers made of Legos, an actual architecture model made out of Legos by the amazing firm BIG, or the pinnacle of Lego love - LegoLand

Be inspired - make something from Legos :)

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