Thursday, April 14, 2011

Urban Experiences - Fifty People One Question

"Fifty People One Question" is a series of films created by Benjamin Reece of Deltree and Nathan Heleine of Crush+Lovely. By asking one question, such as "Before the end of today, what would you wish to happend?", fifty people need to think of their own answers to the camera. This experiment exploring the connections through people and places, and discovering dreams, losses, stories and secret from person to person.

This is one of the films that took place in Brooklyn, NY, and the question was:
Where would you wish to wake up tomorrow?

Fifty People, One Question: Brooklyn from Fifty People, One Question on Vimeo.

Another interesting question was:
"what's your secret?"
When asked by this question, most people felt shy and might be a little bit embarrassed to answer. Surprisingly there were still lots of people being opened to the question and tell the truth, and it was kind of fun that we can share our little secrets with strangers on the internet.

PostSecret: Confessions on Life, Death and God from Frank Warren on Vimeo.

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