Thursday, April 7, 2011

Urban Experiences-Project "Play it, I'm yours"

Last summer when I walked through Times Square, I noticed there was a crowd gathering and thus aroused my curiosity. There was a piano placing right on the street and there was a guy playing. After all I realized that was an art project called “play me, I’m yours”, and the project put more than 60 pianos around the city for people to play whenever they want. For people that usually didn’t have a chance to play, or people that had good piano skills and wanted to show off a little bit, or people just got curious, that was definitely fun to give it a try. Let’s take a look of this project from the “Without Border” Film Festival in Rome, 2010.

youtube video uploaded from frisonec

“The piano is like a facebook resource, like a blank canvas, for people to share their creativity with one another.” Luke Jerram, the creator of this project says his inspiration was from waiting for the bus. Luke notice that people got bored and had no conversation while they were waiting, so he thought he could do something to help people to interact with one and another.

Play Me I'm Yours from quentinhasny on Vimeo.

Because of the interaction that brought to the cities was so successful, this project has been keep going on since 2008. The “play me, I’m yours” project will be held at Austin, Texas during April 1–May 1.
Extended reading:

NYC, 2010

Pecs, Hungary, 2010

London, UK 2009

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